Permanent Residential Care

Living at home, as much as we may want it, is not always a possibility and facing the task of moving into a residential care setting can be an emotionally daunting task. Whether for yourself or a loved one, choosing the right care home can be difficult. Here at Kepplegate House we understand this and we also understand that, just because you are moving into a residential home, it doesn't mean you should lose the independence you still have. We encourage all of our residents to bring with them items from their homes to help with our ethos of a 'home from home' feeling.

" A home from home where you are at the centre of your care! "

At Kepplegate House our philosophy of care is based upon maintaining a level of independence appropriate to the needs and abilities of each individual where they are always at the centre of their care. To this end we aim to provide a safe environment with a dedicated, highly-trained team of staff who offer kindness and encouragement. All our residents are treated with dignity and we respect their need for privacy and confidentiality.

Before you come to Kepplegate, one of our management team will come to your home to meet you and to get to know you a bit more before you move in. We will use this meeting to help build up a personal profile of you for you support plan so that all the staff can care for you how you would wish. 

Individual care plans look at the whole person including their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional needs. These are constantly discussed, evaluated and acted upon but it doesn't stop there. Working with our residents, we help to build up personal advanced care plans to allow for a more holistic approach to their care and to ensure, no matter where they are, they are cared for how they wish.

Kepplegate promotes equality with both ladies and gentlemen welcome and a choice of either long or short term stays, according to indivual  needs. We are not a dementia registered home but we are more than willing, depending on the severity of a person's needs, to accommodate all needs; dementia, Alzheimer's, severe physical disabilities etc. We work closely with our local medical centre and have regular fortnightly visits from a dedicated GP. District Nurses attend when we need them to see to the more clinical needs of our residents and all of this helps us care for people where they wish to be cared for. 

For Fun

Here at Kepplegate we love a party. If there is a day for it, we celebrate it!  All of our residents enjoy taking part in decorating the home for special occasions.

We have visiting entertainers on a regular basis as well as in-house entertainment, karaoke, annual pantomimes (professional ones and sometimes staff-led ones) and a whole host of activities to be enjoyed.

Our Facilities

The home is able to cater for 16 people, all in single rooms. We also offer a large lounge/dining room and 2 conservatory areas which enables everyone to enjoy either company or privacy as they wish.

One of our conservatories has now been turned into a Namaste room where we offer therapeutic and relaxing care for those suffering from distress and anxiety due to their conditions. 

We have a spacious , therapeutic back garden which is also also home to our three chickens. Our residents can spend time out there by themselves or with their visitors and, in the summer, afternoon tea can be enjoyed in the garden whilst the residents show off their green thumbs!


Our recently rated 5/5 kitchen boasts nutritious, quality food. We serve a three course lunch every day and a two course evening dinner. (Biscuits,fruit, cake, toast and other goodies in-between!)

It is not necessary to book an appointment to visit us, just pop in and have a look around at your convenience and discuss your needs with our Home Manager, Lilia Higginson or our Managing Director, Karen Shaw.

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