Day Care & Respite

Being the main carer for a loved one, though rewarding, can be mentally and physically exhausting. We always want to do our best for the ones we care for and in doing so we sometimes forget that from time to time we need our own space to recharge our batteries. Being a main carer requires a selfless nature as well as being available day and night. At Kepplegate we believe in looking after everybody, which includes you, the carer.
Our Day care and respite services offer you the chance to have some quality ‘you’ time whilst being reassured that your loved one is receiving the care that they need. We won’t be able to replace the importance of the care you give but we can ensure that the care we provide will be personally tailored to meet their needs, making their temporary stay with us as welcoming and accommodating as we can.
Our day care is also invaluable to those who live at home but struggle to maintain social connections meaning they become isolated and lonely. With frequent day care guests and our lovely residents, there is always a hive of activity and conversation to join in with. We even have a visiting hair dresser each week!
The team is always there, willing to help with all aspects of personal care as well as medication needs. We have an adapted wet room so if being able to enjoy a shower at home is a challenge for you we can help you have one on your day care visit. It may be that you just don’t have a suitable shower at home and you may not need assistance, you are still more than welcome to use our facilities on your visit.
We have a wheelchair accessible vehicle meaning we can offer transport in some instances however our vehicle, day care and respite availability varies so it is always best to call or pop in for a chat to enquire about using any of these services.  

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