Residential Care

As we get older, living at home is not always a possibility and facing the task of moving into a residential care setting can be an emotionally daunting task. Whether for yourself or a loved one, choosing the right care home can be difficult, that’s why we believe in communicating honestly.

Our care is personally tailored to each person who stays with us to ensure that their rights, choice, independence and dignity are wholeheartedly respected. We work with our residents and their families to create personal advanced care plans that reflect their personalities and beliefs, to allow for a more holistic approach to their care and to ensure they are always cared for how they wish.

Guests are always welcome at our home as we truly believe that our team, residents and their relatives make up the Kepplegate family. Because we understand that loved ones are sometimes the main carer for an individual before they move into residential care, we encourage all carers to visit as often as they wish as well as inviting them to continue providing care for their relative should that be both their wishes. Finally, to ease the initial transitioning period we welcome carers to stay with their loved one for their first few nights living in their new home.

Every day is made memorable at Kepplegate and everybody is valued equally. We blur the lines between care home and community by promoting strong social connections, supporting local businesses and creating jobs for local people. We are very much at the heart of community looking after the people of Over-Wyre. This is why it is easy for our home to truly become a real home for each of our residents.

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Keeping in Touch 
It is important to us that everyone who stays with us is able to maintain their social connections. Our home is equipped with wi-fi throughout allowing us to change the future of communication.
We have an advanced telephone system in place which makes it possible for multiple people to be on the phone at any one time and our portable handsets ensure everyone has the ability to maintain their right to private phone calls.
Sometimes a familiar voice just isn't enough but distance makes it hard to visit. With our iPad and Skype, face to face communication is now achievable no matter where you are in the world. Technology is new and still quite daunting to some however we really believe in adapting to improve the lives of everyone. 
Thanks to our super-fast broadband, skype and emails is made possible on your own devices! Just ask us for the wi-fi password when you move in or visit, it's completely free to use! 

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