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  1. Our Kitchen got a 5* Rating Again !!!
    Our Kitchen got a 5* Rating Again !!!
    Our wonderful kitchen staffs hard work has paid off as we have received a 5* rating again for the third year in a row.
  2. Our Poetry Competition
    Our Poetry Competition
    We ran a poetry competition for a few months all to do with friendship and this was the final poem.
  3. Playing Domino's
    Playing Domino's
    Our residents are playing different activities every day but our gentlemen like to play the odd game of domino's.
  4. Powerplate
    One of our residents has been getting those leg muscles back to what they use to be with our new powerplate.
  5. We Have Been Busy Flower Arranging
    We Have Been Busy Flower Arranging
    We love to do different types of activities with our residents and this time we have been flower arranging.
  6. Conversation between friends
    Conversation between friends
    Veronica, Trevor and Sarah share a touching moment.
  7. A new look
    A new look
    Thanks to our amazing team our garden has been updated and our new sign stands proud!
  8. Green fingers
    Green fingers
    Sarah and one of our residents making sure our plants don't go thirsty.
  9. Sing, Sing a song!
    Sing, Sing a song!
    Everyone loves a good sing-along at Kepplegate!
  10. Celebrating #WorldAnimalDay
    Celebrating #WorldAnimalDay
    Our caring nature extends to our little friends! Here is a collage of photos of our teams pets! Such a Diverse bunch!
  11. Jeans for Genes Day
    Jeans for Genes Day
    Every year we have managed to raise more. This would not be achievable with out the help of our amazing team.
  12. Our New Memory Box
    Our New Memory Box
    One of our residents enjoying our new memory box which is full of memories from the good old days
  13. We Got a 5* Rating Again !!!!!!!
    We Got a 5* Rating Again !!!!!!!
    Our amazing kitchen team have done it again for the 4th year in a row, we have got a 5 star rating.
  14. Armistice Centenary
    Armistice Centenary
    Thanks to you we were able to create this tribute for the centenary of Armastice. Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
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