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Are you interested in joining a team dedicated to ushering in a new culture of care? Are you passionate about helping others live well? Register your interest with us below. 

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Dawn, Housekeeper

I got into care previously on a one to one basis working for a lady privately in Scotland. I enjoyed helping her so when we moved back to Knott End I came to work at Kepplegate. I find the job rewarding but also challenging, it is what keeps me motivated.

Susan, Domiciliary

I believe everybody is entitled to somebody trustworthy and approachable to care for them should they need it. I like to think that I make the day's of the people I care for easier (hopefully a bit brighter) and enable them to live the lives they want to.

Hazel, Residential

I fell into care accidentally when a friend asked me if I could help out in a local home for a week. I told them no as it was something I had never considered doing. Long story short - they asked again and I said yes. 34 years and a couple of moves I am still in care, working now at Kepplegate and I'm still loving it.

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