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End of Life CareHome Care 

It is the wish of many people to die at home and we are passionate about making this a reality, enabling people to die well. Our support is designed to meet the needs and wishes, both physically and spiritually, of those we support. We also recognise the emotional needs of friends and relatives and our support for them continues long after the death of their loved one.

The end of a persons life is an emotionally difficult time for all involved in their care. Our team are here to ensure that everyone is supported and that people can die comfortably. 

Supporting someone to die at home has the benefit of minimising the disruption they will face and allows for an individualised and focused approach to their support. It allows for them to be surrounded by their loved ones and remain in an environment that is meaningful to them. 

As John's Campaign ambassadors, we are fully committed to ensuring that you are involved in every aspect of your loved ones care as much as you wish to be, however they will be there to shoulder anything that will allow you to spend the quality time you want and need together. These are memories that will remain with you long after your loved one has died so we want to ensure that they are good memories. 

How we can support 

Personal Care 

Continence care (Including catheters)

Medication Management

Meal Preparation 

Meal time assistance

Mouth Care 

Pressure Care 

Waking nights (sitting with your loved one through the night) 

Emotional Support 


Do you want to know more?

We'd love to help you and learn more about your care needs. 

Before our services start, our care coordinator or care lead will come and meet you or your loved one at a time and place best suited to you. The aim is to get to know each other before our services start and to ensure we can put together a package that is just right. 

We use digital care planning which reduces paper work and allows care recording to be more fluid and fluent throughout the pop in. The person receiving the support and anyone else they wish to can get access to their care notes through any smartphone or tablet. They can even contribute to their records, send notifications to the team, or even submit a compliment or a complaint to the lead. We believe in having a truly open, feedback positive culture. 

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