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Isolation and loneliness has become an apparent worry for many since the recent pandemic began. Sadly, we don’t all have supportive networks of family and friends and extended time alone can be damaging to mental health and wellbeing. If you miss playing cards, having company whilst going for a walk, or even just someone to natter to, our companionship friends will help you maintain a healthy social life that matters to you.

Our companionship service is designed so that one of our team can spend time with you or your loved one as desired. This could be going out to social events, time spent gardening, playing games, or just coming round for a brew and a natter. 

Living well is not just about ensuring our physical care needs are met. Having someone to build a relationship with and to spend time with doing the things we love all promote positive mental health and well being. 

How we can support 

Shopping trips 

Social Trips 

Support with Hobbies and Interests 

Meal Preparation 


Company and Companionship inside the house or out and about 

Hobbies and Social Activities 


Do you want to know more?

We'd love to help you and learn more about your care needs. 

Before our services start, our care coordinator or care lead will come and meet you or your loved one at a time and place best suited to you. The aim is to get to know each other before our services start and to ensure we can put together a package that is just right. 

We use digital care planning which reduces paper work and allows care recording to be more fluid and fluent throughout the pop in. The person receiving the support and anyone else they wish to can get access to their care notes through any smartphone or tablet. They can even contribute to their records, send notifications to the team, or even submit a compliment or a complaint to the lead. We believe in having a truly open, feedback positive culture. 

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